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Xiongmao Digital is a digital marketing agency that specializes in marketing to Chinese consumers. With considerable experience in UAE, they know that there are many luxury KOLs and celebrity brands in UAE who might not be aware of the enormous potential for growth in this area.

What is Xiongmao Digital?

Xiongmao Digital Techonology is a leading company in the UAE that provides digital marketing solutions.

How are they different from other digital marketing agencies in UAE?

Xiongmao is a digital marketing agency that specializes in doing everything for luxury brands. They help with everything from social media to e-commerce and anything else a company might need. Unlike other companies, Xiongmao doesn’t charge for consultations. Additionally, they have a team of strategists who work on different projects to make sure each task is done correctly. Xiongmao is a digital marketing agency in UAE that specializes in luxury brands. They offer the following:
-Brand strategy and design -Marketing campaign planning and execution -Digital marketing training and consulting -Social media management
-Digital advertising (SEM, SEO, display)
-Digital Media (video production)
-Digital eCommerce (unique website designs to increase conversions)

What’s the difference between the social media crisis management and business intelligence?

The social media crisis management is a service that can help you handle the negative feedback from your customers and increase your brand awareness. It’s a way for companies to avoid a PR disaster by building up a positive reputation before it’s needed.
Business intelligence is a type of software that is used to collect, analyze, and present data in order to help organizations make better decisions

How does Xiongmao help luxury brands in UAE?

Xiongmao is a company that helps luxury brands in UAE by maximising their social media presence. The company helps these companies through expert consultancy, strategy and implementation, dynamic content creation, and an SEO-optimised website. Xiongmao is the fastest growing marketing agency in Dubai. We offer a comprehensive suite of digital marketing and social media services, and we can help you with SEO, PPC, content marketing and more.


Xiongmao helps brands in the UAE to create a strong presence in the local retail sector. They provide a full suite of services, including e-commerce websites, product listings, and digital marketing campaigns to make sure that customers can find them easily. They work with the world’s top luxury brands to help them set up their stores locally and deliver an outstanding customer experience. Whether you need customer service, website design, digital marketing or any other type of service Xiongmao can help.

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