Eva Beach Restaurant Ad Campaign in Palm Jumeirah

Advertising campaign with Aiza Hospitality Group

Eva– which stands for ‘Life’ – features breezy & draped, eccentric interiors in shades of clotted cream & earthy browns with cactus plants displayed around the venue that transport you to an escape from the city’s bustling noise.

Project Details

☑️ Problem:

Increase Brand Awareness for Chinese in Dubai

Drive traffic & sales to offline restaurant, located in Palm Jumeirah

👍🏽 Solution:

Provided social media strategy on XiaoHongShu & Douyin

Choose Chinese Celebrities – bloggers in UAE (Chinese speaking) with related FMCG industry

Local video & photo shooting of bloggers in Eva beach restaurant

Created a special Asian cousin menu focused on Mainland China audience: in UAE

Created Chinese New Year Pre party at Eva Beach restaurant

Building a strategy to create an event on Douyin and gain the traffic result for Chinese consumers orders at Eva Beach (Palm Jumeirah)

Connecting customers with WeChat Customer support and Chinese speaking assistant at restaurant reception

👏🏽 Result:

Video posts perform with 1.6 mln views

1 200 likes avg per video post

70 avg comments per post

120 guests came to the restaurant for Chinese New year pre party

Famous celebrities were invited


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