Prime Property

PRIME PROPERTY GROUP is a professional company offering full-range expertise in the sector of real estate in Cyprus for buyers and investors.

Project Details


Client has issue with chinese website domain . The website speed in China was extremely low and the local users was not allowed to upload the website properly. Prime Property didn’t have social media presence in China and the customers and future investors had no idea about Prime Property.


  • Solved issue with domain on Baidu Ecosystem
  • Baidu Analytics and tracking on the chinese website, conversions set up
  • Baidu Ad campaign launch and Baidu SEO Top 10 keywords
  • Social Media Marketing strategy on WeChat, Weibo
  • Social Media CRM set up: sales funnel strategy, leads collection
  • Cross platform marketing strategy on the local real estate boutiques in China: Juwai, Anjuke
    PR & Media articles creation on relevant websites


  • Baidu SEO: 59 keywords ranked in the top 50, and 40 keywords are ranking in the top 10, Referring domains: increased from 531 to 1143, Referring pages: increased from 819 to 3653
  • Baidu PPC: CTR – 1.18 % (first launch of keywords about cyprus property) , 2nd launch with display and remarketing is going to be launched soon.)
  • Social Media: WeChat growth from zero to 352 followers, 12 leads monthly with WeChat QR code on Anjuke, 16 leads monthly in average from Juwai (WeChat QR codes). Brand awareness increased from 0 to 60% in China

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